Gard: following acts of cruelty against cats, residents of Gallargues-le-Montueux in shock

Since the end of January, several acts of cruelty have been perpetrated on cats belonging to residents of the Jasses de Camargue. First of all, a cat and her three kittens were found riddled with lead.

Two weeks later, a cat, Mojito, was found dead in a field near the residence, forty-eight hours after her disappearance. The owner of the feline, working in the veterinary sector, immediately thought of poisoning. Disturbingly, a fox that had started to devour his remains was found dead next to it.

Use of CCTV images

A few days later, two other cats were found dead in the parking lot of the residence. The first by poisoning, according to the opinion of a veterinarian who was able to see the photos. The second, the small Nalawas found a few days ago with a sunken skull and a bloody mouth.

Sophie, the owner of Naladoes not understand how her cat was found there because, according to her, her feline never went to the parking lot.

At a recent meeting, the residents speculated that the perpetrator could deposit the bodies in the parking lot, the central location of the residence, so that they are clearly visible. With a question: why are the stray cats, numerous in the residence, not affected?

A harmful product

Today, concern seizes the owners of these animals but also the parents. Sophie knows something about it. After a stroll through the residence, her son returned with hives and difficulty breathing. The medical diagnosis which was established is formal, the child suffered from an asthma attack due to a harmful product.

So far, no complaint has been filed. Residents are waiting for the syndic to use the CCTV images. Nala was found lifeless right under a camera, the pictures should be able to speak. At the Jasses de Camargue, the inhabitants are mobilized. They seized the Gallargoise association Poil aux chats and communicate via the Facebook group of the residence. Surprisingly, the facts have ceased since the mobilization of the inhabitants.

In order to help solve this case, Sophie calls for witnesses. If you have any information, you can contact her on 06 44 82 31 18. You can also join the Poil aux chats association on

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