Gard: in Grau-du-Roi, a Beauceron had devoured a Yorkshire under the horrified eyes of his master

The Nîmes justice sentenced the owner of the mastiff to a fine of €1,200.

A former soldier, now a mechanic in Civil Security, appeared on Wednesday May 11 before the Nîmes Criminal Court, for acts of involuntary injury by assaulting a dog.

On February 29, 2020, his beauceron – already known for his aggressiveness towards his congeners – had fatally attacked Helma, an eight-year-old Yorkshire female, then kept on a leash. That day, in full abrivado in the seaside resort of Grau-du-Roi, the mastiff without a muzzle had escaped the vigilance of its owner seated on the terrace. Suddenly jumping on the little dog, he devoured her under the horrified eyes of his master Bernard.

Seriously injured hands

During the hearing, the Alésien already bruised by the death of his wife six months before the facts, wears a tear tattooed on the cheek in his homage. “In less than a second, Helma found herself in the mouth of this hound that I then hit. I tried in vain to open its mouth, to try to free my little dog, before being in my turn seriously injured in the hands by the unleashed animal”testifies Bernard with dignity, in front of the room.

“It was at this precise moment that, shamelessly, the defendant gave me a Don’t touch my dog!sadly continues the pensioner, whose desperate gesture is precisely reproached to him by the defense. “By approaching a visibly aggressive and uncontrollable dog, the civil party deliberately violated an elementary rule of vigilance”points the defendant’s lawyer.

During her argument, the latter underlines the absence of a legal obligation to wear a muzzle for Beaucerons in France and requests the release. “The defendant knew the dangerousness of his animal, he was therefore required to muzzle ithad nevertheless underlined a little earlier the prosecutor, to ask for three months of suspended prison sentence against the master of the Beauceron.

At the end of the afternoon, he was sentenced to a fine and will have to pay €1,200 to Bernard. A meager consolation for this master without a dog forever overwhelmed by pain.

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