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On the morning of Saturday 15 October, when he leaves his home, the mayor, Rémy Bouet, discovers on his doorstep two trembling and hungry puppies, whose custodian has of course left neither name nor address. !

First of all, surprised, he undertakes to install them in his living room to feed them. “My wife immediately took them to the vet to get them checked out. They were full of fleas and ticks. They are black and white Border Collies, two months old according to the vet. They should have prescribed a wormer and a pest control.” .

But what to do with them, the mayor does not want to keep them? The SPA in Nîmes, contacted elsewhere, mandates to go through its services by offering them to become a foster family to find an adopter. A complex situation, especially since there is no possibility of obtaining an identification certificate for these animals. While waiting to solve this problem, which would have gone well, the mayor does not hide his incomprehension “I will not find anything in front of my door, let alone living beings, that we leave. If you want to part with your animal, there are services for that, and SPAs du Gard works very well. We do not leave them in front of the mayor’s house, or others places”.

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