Gilbert Chahine (AXA): “Eurocroissance enriches the life insurance offer”

With a ten-year capital guarantee, Axa’s eurocroissance fund has returned 3% in 2021 and over the past five years. Managing Director of Life Insurance at Axa France, Gilbert Chahine details his characteristics.

The 2021 euro life insurance return reporting season is coming to an end.

Despite positive surprises, rates are once again on the decline. Contracts, for the most part, now yield less than inflation. An unsatisfactory observation which forces us to react and find alternatives to the fund in euros.

Ten-year warranty

“Eurocroissance enriches our offer,” explains Gilbert Chahine, managing director of life insurance at Axa France. “It has returned 3% in 2021 and over the past five years.” At Axa, the eurocroissance fund benefits from a ten-year capital guarantee net of management fees.

As part of its delegated management, the insurer advises investing 25% in eurocroissance, 25% in the fund in euros and 50% in units of account without guarantee on the capital but with a much higher potential gain.

Le Revenu recommends eurocroissance, among other things, to savers invested 100% in the fund in euros who would be totally risk averse.

In our video, more details on Axa’s life insurance offer and advice on how to optimize your contract in a context of low interest rates and rising inflation.

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