Girl goes viral on the internet after dressing up to look like her dog

Dog: Children always look up at someone and mimic most gestures people make. But in a video circulating on the Internet, a little girl decided to use her dog as a reference.

3-year-old Letícia Araujo was inspired by Francisco, her dog. As she wanted to look like him, she then made up in the colors of her fur: black and white.

The mother, finding it funny, filmed it and posted the video on her Instagram profile, with the intention of sharing the little girl’s daily life.

This little girl decided to use the same colors as her dog’s makeup.

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In the scenes, the mother can be heard asking: “Why did you make up like that?” »the little girl responds quickly : “Because I wanted to look like Cantico”. For his part, Francisco grimaces at not understanding anything.

Letícia still doesn’t have perfect diction, so she calls Francisco de Cantico, which makes the episode even more tender and special.

And her makeup skills were influenced by her five-year-old sister, affectionately nicknamed Bubblegum.

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Little Cantico was adopted as a puppy, when he was two months old, at an adoption fair held at the work of Letícia’s mother’s brother. Today, this duo who grew up together is also becoming famous.

The video has already received over 8 million views, thousands of shares and loving comments. “The funniest thing is Francisco’s face”, one wrote with a laugh. “You look a lot alike, congratulations Lele”, congratulated another.

Below, the scene of tenderness:

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