Giuseppa attacked by Internet users because of her three dogs: “Stop for a moment”

Giuseppa is the proud owner of the three adorable little Pomeranians: Brioche, Biscotte and Craquotte. She is proud of her dogs and does not hesitate to post the three little furballs on Instagram.

Giuseppa criticized after a video

The latest one didn’t fail to get people talking.

You must adopt a dog at the SPA and not buy one from a breeder. If people did this it would empty the shelters and the breeders would no longer breed their female dogs.

Especially said one user.

She replies!

Tired of constantly receiving criticism, it’s through her instagram stories she has post a rant.

I saw the comments on the real one that I posted with Brioche, Biscotte and Craquotte. I see that there are lots of people who are always teaching.

she said before adding:

I would love to see these people in their own lives actually. For a moment I don’t understand, you are all impeccable. We talk about “yes, we have to stop having these animals for fashion, to follow the trend. So no, not at all, we never bought dogs to follow a trend. It’s not a pair of shoes or a bag you have to stop messing around at some point. You don’t know our intentions, and I don’t see how you can know them without even knowing our private discussions.

She claims to have always done her best for animal welfare:

There are those who say: “You should not take these dogs, you should adopt them. “I have always cooperated of my own free will with associations to help them find families for dogs who have problems in SPA. I have always fought for animal welfare. We have always been exemplary people, so at some point we stop.

Giuseppa is sick and tired of seeing his life, and the lives of his fellow influencers, constantly judged. She then asks internet users if they prefer itshe only shows the positive sides of her life in order not to be criticized.

Instagram is a court? We have to put it this way, we manage to do things differently and sell you nothing but dreams and you show that what you want to see and that way no one pisses us off.

She then wanted to thank her community and those who support and encourage her.

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