Gloriane Blais will appeal


Me Gloriane Blais. Source: Facebook

Gloriane Blais may no longer be a lawyer, but she keeps her pen: the former lawyer turns to the Professions Tribunal, in a statement of appeal that she reported to Droit-inc.

Recently expelled, Ms. Blais is asking to recover her title of lawyer and, above all, to annul the decision of the Board of Directors of the Bar forcing her to submit to a medical examination.

Remember, after having publicly expressed her agreement, she finally refused to submit to such an order, which led the Bar to suspend her title of lawyer.

Gloriane Blais, who is described as “anti-vaccine”, claims to have “solid proof” about the supposed ineffectiveness of vaccines against COVID-19. Note that we have not consulted this evidence.

“It is not because the appellant alleges, with solid supporting evidence, particularly concerning the case of her client Mr. (Pascal, editor’s note) Antonin at the Quebec Court of Appeal, statements on the covid19 injections (or covid19 vaccines), on the false pandemic according to the scientific definition of a pandemic, on the PCR tests and the principles applied in public health, that it must be subjected to a psychiatric evaluation and thus be expunged. »

Ms. Blais adds that it would be, according to her, an “unjustified attack on her fundamental rights”.

The Board of Directors of the Bar ordered Ms. Blais to submit to a medical examination last February, under section 48 of the Professional Code. This article stipulates that the board of directors of a professional order “may order the medical examination of a person who is a member of this order (…) when it has reason to believe that this person presents a physical or psychological incompatible with the exercise of his profession. »

The Barreau eventually disbarred Ms. Blais under section 51, because of her refusal to submit to a medical examination.

Ms. Blais, who nevertheless sent us her Facebook post, told us that she would not do an interview. Contacted by Droit-inc, the Bar had not responded to our interview request at the time of writing these lines.

Invalid item?

In her statement, which she filed herself online, Ms. Blais alleges that section 48 quoted above is “unconstitutional” and “invalid”. She considers that it grants “far too broad” power to the Board of Directors of the Bar, which she also criticizes for being impartial.

Source: Gloriane Blais / Facebook

“How can you be impartial when you don’t even link the evidence of the party involved? “, she wonders.

In addition to the issue of vaccination, she also criticizes the Bar and the assistant syndic Daniel Gagnon of not having read her “solid proof” in a file that she lost where she blames the judge Martin Officeof the Superior Court, of having shown “partiality”.

She is the subject, in this case, of a disciplinary complaint for “failure in her duty to support the courts”, according to TVA Nouvelles. It was Me Gagnon who filed the two disciplinary complaints against Ms. Blais in 2021.

It is moreover Daniel Gagnon who would have asked the Board of Directors of the Bar to order a medical examination for Ms. Blais, according to what she maintains in her statement of appeal.


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