Golden Coast. Walking your dog, a ritual that “does them good”

François, 79, owner of 7-year-old Max, says with a smile: “It’s more the dog that walks me. “I’m alone with him, so Max is my mate.” He never leaves me. He knows the hours of walks, he is very excited when I take out the leash. And then, taking him for a walk, it does me good. During this time, I think of a lot of things. In addition, we are in nature, it’s nice. These walks, I do them for him, for me, for both of us. And then, it allows me to meet other dog owners. But out of courtesy and correction, I will not see young women, I will rather talk to ladies of my age, ”jokes our interlocutor.

“The dog is part of the family, I take care of it like a child. These walks are real moments of well-being for her already, she needs it. I’ve always had dogs and so I’m always outside with my dog. I can’t even imagine not being able to…

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