Google Assistant Routines Can Now Be Renamed

Following the ability to set delayed starts of a few seconds, Google has made another tweak to Assistant Routines that lets you rename these macros to be different from their starters.

As spotted today, there is now an edit (pencil) button next to a Routine’s name when you open one. You can enter any “Routine Name” you want.

Previously, routines were named by the phrase you set as the trigger “When I tell my assistant” under Starters. This could lead to a particularly long name – geared towards natural-sounding speech – especially when shorthand would suffice for the purposes of a list.

The biggest change that Google Home users have identified is how time-based starters no longer need a spoken accompanying/summon phase to get a non-generic name (“New Routine”). You can simply define an “When the time is right” trigger and immediately give it a name.

As a side note, you cannot rename Assistant’s default bedtime, Home to Work, Good Morning, I’m Home, Business Day, or Home/Away Routines. Another nifty customization would be to let users choose from a list of icons as Google continues to make small usability changes that improve the quality of smart home life.

Starting today, this routine renaming capability is rolling out widely to the Google Home app on Android and iOS, as well as Assistant settings.

Learn more about wizard routines:

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