Google Chrome needs to be updated following a major flaw

Google Chrome under threat of a flaw

The browser Google Chromeused by over 3 billion people worldwide, comes from deliver Chrome version 100.0.4896.127 in order to fix a vulnerability of the type 0-day major that can be used for different types of attacks. The code for this flaw is CVE-2022-1364.

Although no cryptocurrency specific details have been revealed, however extremely advisable to opt for maximum securityso be sure to apply this update as soon as possible.

The flaw, discovered by a member of Google’s Threat Analysis Group on April 13, concerns the V8 JavaScript engine and could therefore concern all browsers built around Chromium. This includes among others Microsoft Edge, who confirmed this informationbut also Opera or Brave.

This flaw is actively exploitedalso, we strongly advise you to update your browser provided it is based on Chromium.

To update Google Chrome, just type “ chrome://settings/help in the search bar. A refresh launches automatically and updates to the latest version if necessary. Then check that you have the version 100.0.4896.127.

It should be noted that the details relating to the flaw, its level of exploitation as well as the methods of correction are generally kept confidential by Google. The latter are, most of the time, revealed several weeks after the emergency updates until the majority of users have made the switch to the latest version.

Since the V8 JavaScript engine has an extremely large number of users, it is a prime target for different types of attacks. A flaw of the type ” confusion “, like the one we are talking about today, allows read-write memory exploitation and opens the way for hackers to apply arbitrary code.

This is the third type flaw 0-day since the beginning of 2022 for Chrome. Indeed, the CVE-2022-0609 and CVE-2022-1096 vulnerabilities were corrected on March 14 and 25 respectively.

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Source: Google

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