Google Cloud Launches Timeseries Insights API for Real-Time Forecasting and Anomaly Detection

Google Cloud launched the Timeseries Insights API, a highly efficient and scalable system that enables businesses and developers to quickly gather insights from streaming time series. The Timeseries Insights API is fully integrated with Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud PubSub and can handle datasets of up to trillions of events.

Time Series Information API allows developers to load large amounts of historical data. The API allows new events to be added in real time and against which they can run prediction and anomaly detection queries continuously.

The TImeseries API has the following features.

1. Anomaly and trend detection: The API can detect trends and anomalies with multiple event dimensions.

2. Large scale: The API can handle data sets consisting of tens of billions of events and execute thousands of queries per second.

3. Low latency for requests: The API relies on low latency services and can be used as a back-end for user-facing interactive applications.

4. Serverless and Fully Managed: The API is fully managed and developers don’t have to worry about setting up infrastructure. Developers can focus on getting information from the API.

Forecasting time series data has applications in all industries: retailers can analyze inventory and adjust for seasonality effects; IoT companies can detect intrusion attempts; payment processors can identify promotions from breakdowns; and fintech can analyze trending topics, etc.

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