Google Cloud will open its French region on June 30, 2022

The group invites its customers to its launch. An email has been sent to them. The new region will have three Availability Zones.

The French region of Google Cloud will officially open on June 30. The group has begun to invite its customers to an event which will be organized for the occasion at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris. The American cloud will take the opportunity to present its latest developments and highlight customer feedback.

“The new France region, which comes in addition to the 29 regions already created, is based on the same infrastructure and the same security services used for our own operations at Google”, indicates the group on the invitation page for the event. .

On the occasion of a JDN podcast broadcast last February, the general manager of Google Cloud for France Anthony Cirot had detailed the architecture of the future French region which will be based in Ile-de-France. It will be equipped with three availability zones distributed in three remote data centers.

Like the French region of Microsoft’s Azure cloud but unlike that of AWS, which also both rely on three zones, customers will not be able to choose their replication zone(s) . Google will choose for them.

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