Google, Court of Auditors, 50 years of the “Godfather”… The “Update”


Ihe big survey of the week is devoted to Google. Romain Gubert took an interest in the strategy of the American giant to weave its web within the French elite. They are ex-members of ministerial cabinets or former journalists and must help Google defend its interests in a French market which “represents 5% of the company’s turnover and… 90% of the shit”, according to what is rumored in the corridors of the French subsidiary.

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New campaign week: if Valérie Pécresse drops out in the polls after her half-hearted meeting, if Yannick Jadot tries to change the image of the punitive Greens in ecology “of pleasure”, or that Emmanuel Macron is still slow to declare himself, it is once again to the right of the right that we are fighting or inveighing against each other. The rallying soap opera had a new episode: suspected of being a Zemmourist spy, the number 2 of the National Rally Nicolas Bay was suspended before finally joining… Éric Zemmour.

The campaign to follow on our site dedicated to the presidential election

War in Mali

Present in Mali since 2013 as part of the anti-jihadist fight, France has decided to withdraw, pushed out by the Malian junta. Emmanuel Macron had already decided to begin in the summer of 2021 a reduction in the French workforce in favor of a less visible regional system. In the coming weeks, the question of logistics to leave Mali in the best conditions and avoid the American fiasco in Afghanistan, last summer, will arise.

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What does the world think of the French presidential election? While the campaign is simmering in France, our international service leads in five capitals to understand the issues of a capital election.

The race for the Élysée seen from abroad
Seen from Berlin: “Where has the French left gone? »
Seen from London: Macron, the best enemy of the kingdom
Seen from Rome: The Italian far right loyal to Marine Le Pen?
Seen from Jerusalem: The Zemmour temptation
Seen from Algiers: Why the power will “vote” Macron

Report of the Court of Auditors

This is a long awaited and feared moment! The annual report of the Court of Auditors. The 2022 edition is the last report published by the sages of rue Cambon on the state of public finances before the presidential election. The opportunity to make a final assessment of the management of the outgoing president before the annual audit on the outlook for public finances, traditionally expected in June. The findings show the extent of the adjustment of the accounts that will have to be made if the future head of state intends to stabilize the public debt at the end of his mandate. Because for the time being, public spending is increasing rapidly. Too much ? The economy department of Point decrypts this document and reveals how Bercy is preparing the budget trajectory for the next five-year term.

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Guillaume Grallet continues to explore the universe of Metavers. With their cryptocurrencies and their avatars, these virtual universes herald a new age of the Internet. Brands have understood this. What awaits us: read in your logbook.

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50 years of the “Godfather”

“Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgement. This is a saying that could be used in campaign headquarters. This year, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the trilogy of Godfather. This cult film, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and featuring the glory and setbacks of the Corleone mafia family. Philippe Guedj, Jean-Luc Wachthausen and Baudouin Eschapasse return to this feature film which marked several generations of film lovers.

Our series The epic of the “Godfather”
How Nino Rota wrote a world hit
50 years later, an indestructible masterpiece
From writing to screen: how Balzac inspired “The Godfather”
A turning point for Italian Americans on screen

But also :

The Lelandais trial covered by our special correspondent in Grenoble, Valentine Arama

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Adrien Quatennens’ weekend political interview
Claire Meynial, our special correspondent in Ottawa, follows the movement of truckers in Canada

A new episode of Les Contrariantes with Emmanuelle Ducros to discuss her specialty, agriculture.

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