Google Domains is no longer in beta after seven years

Google Domains is no longer in beta after seven years

Google Domains is officially out of beta after seven years. Some Google products are starting (and stopping) at a blistering pace, but Domains got a beta years old the old-fashioned way, just like in the early days of Gmail. Domains was launched to everyone in the United States in 2015 and has since expanded to support 26 countries.

Google Domains is a simple service that lets you buy a domain, with over 300 different domain endings. It’s not the cheapest registrar available, but the interface is great, and the fees for common TLDs are just $12 per year, every year, without any of the extra fees or renewal increases that some sites have. charge. Registrant privacy is free, as is access to Google’s DNS.

Of course, you can protect all your domain settings behind the two-factor authentication security settings you have on a regular Google account. You can forward emails to your consumer Gmail inbox or use the domain to start a Google Workspace organization. If you use a Google Cloud or Ads product, Domains also supports easy domain verification with one of these services. Google does so much on the internet that having a service like this to direct customers makes sense.

Building an actual website in the Google ecosystem isn’t really a primary goal. Domains can easily connect to Blogger or Google Sites, but neither product is under active development anymore. Google may connect your domain to “trusted partners” such as “Shopify, Squarespace, WIX, Bluehost, and Weebly” to help you build a website.

To celebrate, Google is offering 20% ​​off registering or transferring a single domain until April 15.

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