Google Drive doesn’t digest .DS_Store files badly

Google Drive may have trouble digesting “.DS_Store” files generated by macOS and transferred to its storage space. A seemingly random problem with no explanation.

This results in receiving a mail explaining that a copyright infringement has been detected on the user’s Google Drive, with this “.DS_Store” as the culprit, reports BleepingComputer.

Source: Reddit

On Mac this file is hidden from the user, it is created by macOS and contains metadata about how the contents of a folder should be displayed at (the options one chooses in the View menu of the Finder) . This file comes into view when its folder or a zip of it is copied to unformatted media by a Mac or other platform.

For some unexplained reason, Google Drive apparently considers this file to be copyright infringing and sounds the alarm. The problem could be reproduced by some but it is not systematic. Perhaps it is a confusion of Google’s automatic scanner which thought it detected a similarity between these files and others marked as to watch.

If this message is received, there is no risk in deleting the file in question. BleepingComputer recalls that Google Drive has already tangled the brushes in the same way last month. In question, perfectly innocuous files, some of which contained nothing but a figure or even a number. Google had this time communicated and recognized a technical problem on his side.


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