Google Drive punishes some innocent Mac users

This is a rather surprising bug that seems to affect many Mac users taking advantage of the Google Drive service. The latter would issue in some cases a very bad judgment. Indeed, it may happen that it considers macOS system files named .DS_Store as violating its terms of use.

Yet these files specific to the Mac OS are nothing special. They are normally invisible to the user, unless the latter has chosen to display hidden files. And they contain uncritical information, such as those related to the display of files in the folder where it is located (list, icon, gallery, etc.). They are numerous and it is indeed possible that they arrive on Google Drive when we have decided to synchronize an entire folder.

It is therefore unfortunate to see the Mountain View giant flag these files as unwanted for its cloud platform.

Alerts for violations of the terms of use are obviously sent automatically. The problem would logically come from an unsuitable operation of the Google Drive file monitoring robots. Nevertheless, users accused without their knowledge risk having their account reported in the Google database, and may even be suspended after several detections of “illegal” files.

According to Apple Insider, the American firm is already working to resolve the situation.

Are any Google Drive users on Mac affected by this bug?

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