Google finally makes it easier to refuse cookies after the fine imposed by the CNIL

After a heavy fine from the CNIL in January, Google complies with the rules relating to cookies.

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These new cookie options are launched only in France at first. © Thaspol –

Google makes it easier for Internet users to refuse cookies

In an official blog post, Google announces new cookie consent options in Europe to comply with European laws. More concretely, users will now have the choice between the following 2 buttons: Accept all Where Refuse all. They will be displayed in the same way as you can see in the image below. You also find a third button More options to personalize your choice of cookies.

These cookie banners will be displayed for Internet users who use the Google search engine but also for people who consult YouTube. Thus, this new display allows them to refuse cookies more easily than previously since the button Refuse all is now as visible as the button Accept all.

Here is the new cookie banner on YouTube. ©Google

These new cookie options are first launched in France and will soon be rolled out to the rest of the European Economic Area, with the UK and Switzerland also affected.

New cookie options following the record fine from the CNIL

These new cookie options unveiled by Google do not happen without reason. Last January, the CNIL imposed a fine of 150 million euros on Google. The main reason: Google did not allow users to refuse cookies as easily as to accept them. The CNIL explained the alleged facts in this regard: “This process violates the freedom of consent of Internet users and constitutes a violation of article 82 of the Data Protection Act”.

The tech giant had 3 months to comply with the rules by putting in place “a way to refuse cookies as simply as the existing one to accept them, in order to guarantee freedom of consent” French internet users. It’s done !

As a result of these conversations and in line with specific CNIL guidelines, we have completely overhauled our approach, including changing the infrastructure we use to manage cookies, says Sammit Adhya, Product Manager at Google.

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