Google has released a new Roboto Serif font variant for easier readability

In context: the Roboto font was developed by Google to become the default font on the Android operating system, and later on some of its most popular services like YouTube. The company recently unveiled Roboto Serif, detailing the tremendous effort put in by typeface designers and why it’s more flexible than its family members.

The title of this article uses the Roboto sans serif font, which we use extensively in, and is part of the Roboto family, downloadable from Google Fonts. This family now has a serif version which, according to its designers, should be more readable on various screens and even in print.

Type designer Greg Gazdowicz and his team at Commercial Type describe Roboto Serif as a minimalist design that doesn’t scream that it’s a serif typeface. They created it for things like user interfaces, menus, and infographics.

Google has released a new Roboto Serif font variant

Roboto Serif is also more customizable than its predecessors. Roboto Sans-Serif has 12 playstyles and Roboto Condensed has six. Roboto Slab is variable with adjustable weight, while Roboto Mono can be adjusted for weight and italics. The new serif version has customizable weight, italic and width.

To introduce the new font, Google released a lengthy PDF showcasing Roboto Serif. The PDF covers the design process behind the font and provides plenty of usage examples, like instructional brochures. Original Roboto fonts include Latin, Cyrillic and Greek characters. For now, Roboto Serif only supports the Latin alphabet.

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