Google is now using AI to better detect the searches of people in crisis

AI is becoming an essential part of our life. People in different situations use Google. Providing the most relevant and authentic information can play an important role in the lives of millions of people. This is the main reason why Google introduces the MUM machine learning model to better detect sensitive searches. This machine learning model can now link Google searches to natural disasters, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Additionally, Google will also limit explicit search results. Reducing explicit content will improve the quality of search results. The MUM machine learning model will detect sensitive and complex searches. This will help Google reduce unwanted search results. Likewise, the introduction of AI into Google search results has far-reaching implications. We’ll take a look at what the latest Google updates mean for people using Google.

MUM can offer immediately actionable information

In times of personal crisis, Google can be a great tool for gaining actionable insights. People all over the world have distinct issues and complex issues associated with this region. Finding a definite answer is almost a remote possibility. However, the AI ​​MUM’s machine learning model can detect complex searches. And it can deftly handle complicated search queries.

Thus, it can be a great relief in times of crisis and chaos. Anne Merritt is a Google product manager and rightly highlighted the precise function of MUM. He said: “MUM could detect queries related to difficult personal situations that earlier tools could not. This is the first step towards the Google search engine revolution.

People in crisis search for many queries that the old version of Google could not detect. It was also not possible to display the most relevant results. However, the latest news from Google told us that language translation is possible. Indeed, Google uses AI tools to do this job. People search with different intentions. Thus, providing the exact information was not always possible for Google until the introduction of MUM.

Now the MUM machine learning model can learn the intent behind the search. Thus, Google is better equipped with artificial intelligence tools to help in a more humane and intelligible way to find exactly the most needed search results. Google will start using MUM to update search results in the coming weeks.

Prevent unwanted explicit search results

Technology prevails and affects all areas of life. People use Google for billions of searches every day. It is extremely important to find the exact results and avoid unwanted explicit content.

However, there can be shocking unwanted results. To make things more reliable, Google uses SafeSearch mode which generally blocks sexually explicit content. However, this tool is not enough to eradicate unexpected and surprising results. The company uses AI BERT technology to process and control explicit search results.

BERT helps Google understand Google Search better and places only the most relevant results. It’s an auspicious feat for Google, that using BERT reduced explicit results by 30%. BERT eliminates search results related to sexual orientation, ethnicity, and gender. This approach, merged with the MUM, helps Google provide a reliable and trustworthy platform.


AI is stepping up in Google search results. It helps people in crisis with more relevant, actionable and authentic information. Additionally, Google uses the MUM to extend protection worldwide.

Additionally, the latest updates to Google search results will limit the appearance of explicit content and provide searchers with more relevant results. MUM can transfer knowledge in 75 languages ​​which makes this AI phenomenal.

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