Google is testing an even darker dark mode

Google’s dark themes have always been geared towards the color gray, which was soothing to the eyes. Recently, the company has developed a new totally black theme which will be integrated into the Google web search engine. The search results page background should normally turn black instead of the dark gray that is currently available.

For people who have access to the test, the theme of the home page remains unchanged for the moment but a sign will indicate that a new, darker theme is available. However, the gray color of Google remains more attractive. It remains to be hoped that the company will offer it as an alternative option if they decide to apply their new theme.


Dark mode is effective to prolong save battery of devices

As many of us know, dark mode or night mode can extend the battery life of smartphones that have an OLED screen. For now, this fact is only true on Android devices and not on iPhones. Indeed, the pixels do less work on the dark areas, therefore less energy consumption for the batteries.

For those who want to switch from light mode to dark mode, just go to settings and then select dark mode. This new theme might cheer up people who thought Google’s gray color wasn’t black enough to qualify as dark.

Google has been testing for a year to introduce dark mode to computers

Google’s dark gray theme has been tested on computers since February 2021. At that time, it was still unclear whether the mode would roll out outside of search engines. The most visible change was to Twitter. Dark mode fans were pleasantly surprised while others were less so. Microsoft had also expressed its desire to bring a blacker color to Word.

It remains to be seen whether the development of the new theme will take even longer. Recently, some users already had access to this new option, which is no longer the case.



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