Google is testing the display of widgets on its homepage


You may soon be able to use Widgets on the Google homepage. The search engine has just launched an experiment on its desktop version by integrating a row of widgets at the bottom of the screen which is reminiscent of Discover.

Discovered by 9to5Google, these widgets are six in number, but their number would depend on the size of your screen. The information they display is based on your location and past activity. They allow you to access the weather forecast, find out about current popular searches, get a suggestion of a movie to watch, keep an eye on stock market prices… or even keep up to date with local events. to come and the latest news.

A tap on these widgets displays the usual associated web result. For now, Google would only test its widgets with a very small group of users. On our side, none of our Google accounts allowed access. Nothing indicates for the moment that this life-size test will result in the final adoption of these widgets on the home page of Google search.

Source: 9to5Google

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