For over a year, Google has been working on an app to make it easier to switch from an iPhone to an Android device. This application, known as Switch to Android, will be the equivalent but in the other direction of Migrater vers iOS, the Apple app which since 2015 allows you to switch with arms and luggage from an Android to the iPhone. .

Google website for how to transfer data with iOS device.

The principle of Switch to Android is to circulate data from the old iPhone to the new Android smartphone via Wi-Fi but also via a cable (USB-C, Lightning, or even micro-USB). At least that’s what a description hidden in the code of the latest version of the Data Transfer Tool app noted by 9to5Google. An app that takes care of migrating an Android device to a Pixel.

The current transfer method is to backup its data to Google Drive from iPhone to restore it to the new smartphone. So far, it’s been rumored that Switch to Android can migrate contacts, messages, and apps (if they exist on the Play Store), but not data stored in iCloud.

Data Transfer Tool update now refers to the ability to transfer photos and videos from iCloud Library to Google Photos. The support page, whose link is embedded in the code, is the one that explains the process of migrating from iCloud Photo Library to the search engine’s cloud. This tool was developed a year ago by Apple, but requires a processing time of three to seven days.

Apple launches service to transfer iCloud photos to Google Photos

Apple launches service to transfer iCloud photos to Google Photos

But maybe Google found a faster solution to recover photos and videos from iCloud Library. All that’s left is for the app in question to come out (will Apple agree to distribute this app?) so that we can get the hang of it and finally be able to do without an iPhone damn it .