Google launches badges for Chrome Web Store extensions

These labels were expected, they are now here. Google offers two types.

First a classic variant, the “Featured”, that is to say those that Google will highlight according to a series of criteria. They are known: respect for good technical practicesa good user experience and overall a pleasant design.

Extensions will be evaluated manually. They must use the latest APIs, respect the privacy of users and present a complete information sheet, with detailed description and quality images.

The other badge is for “established” developers. Their identity has been verified and they will need a clear history with Google services, not to mention full compliance with the Developer Program Policy. The past will therefore count a lot, but the present will be just as closely monitored, to regularly check whether a person still deserves their badge.

Obviously, the awarding of these badges should play an important role in the success of a set author or a set itself. Badges symbolize verification and trust in the minds of the majority, which they indeed are to some degree.

It’s up to the publishers to launch themselves the validation process for one badge or the other. Google does not intend to review all extensions published in the Chrome Web Store. The checks being manual, the task would be difficult. Google specifies that these certifications cannot be purchased, so you have to show your credentials.


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