Google launches dual search combining text and image

Google mixes image and text searchGoogle enriches its search engine with the multisearch function which mixes the text with the image.

Google is changing its search engine. This is not for once an umpteenth improvement of its algorithm but the addition of a new function. The web giant is heating the neurons of its AI to provide you with ever more precise answers.

Google now offers you to combine the text with the image. We have become accustomed to searching by typing text or by image, we can now search by combining the two.

The Mountain View firm gives us the example of a photo of a dress. The algorithm will identify the photo and will offer you the same style of dress in the same color. By adding, the search by text, you can tell him that you want the same style of clothing but in green color.

How does Google multisearch work?

You don’t have to use the Google app on Android or iOS. On the right of the search bar, tap the camera icon. Select an image from your gallery or take a photo and do an image search.

Swipe the screen down to see the result. You will see the words “Add to your search” appear at the top of the screen.

Enter a color, brand or other information in the field to narrow your search. Google specifies that this multiple search is better suited for shopping items.

If all goes well, the AI ​​will bring you the item of your choice on a tray and you just have to click through Google Shopping to buy it.

Currently, this feature is only available in English in the US.

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