Google launches its app to transfer data from iPhone to Android

Google offers its “Switch to Android” app for iPhone users. It allows them to easily transfer their data from iOS to the competing operating system, in case they decide to change phones. The app is available for free on the App Store.

“Switch to Android” lands on the App Store

Google’s Switch to Android app allows you to quickly and securely transfer your data (photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events) to your brand new Android device. You don’t need a cable to transfer, the operation is done wirelessly.

The app also guides users to complete certain tasks, such as turning off iMessage. This will allow you to receive text messages normally on your new Android smartphone. It is also proposed to transfer photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos.

What about forwarding messages? It’s not available, as we can see. The reason is pretty obvious for iMessage: all content is encrypted. For SMS, Apple does not allow access to the database (unlike Android), which prevents the switch.

As a reminder, Apple has been offering an application for a while that does the exact opposite, namely “Migrate to iOS”. It allows an Android user to transfer their data to an iPhone. This is intended to be more complete than Google’s “Switch to Android” on iOS, simply because Android is intended to be a less closed operating system with more access.

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