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Google announced when it changed its name from my Business to Profile Business last fall that the profile management application for smartphones was going to disappear. Users of this feature have just been warned that it’s coming soon…

In November 2021, Google announced a name change for its local my Business offer, which became Google Profile Business. On this occasion, Google indicated that its goal from now on was to ensure that companies modify the information concerning their business and company directly from the SERP and in Google Maps rather than via the administration tool offered until now and which seemed ultimately doomed to be stopped. during this announcement, Google also indicated that the Google My Business smartphone application was to be discontinued in 2022.

Well, that’s what the Mountain View firm is in the process of putting in place, according to the Search Engine Roundtable site, which has seen numerous emails from Google to its Profile Business members, telling them that the application was going to soon to stop (without however giving a precise date):

Message in a Google email to Google Profile Business members. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

The same email therefore indicates that the application is stopping and that, from now on, it will be necessary to go through the classic search engine or Maps to update its data, as in this animation, also included in the message, which explains how To do :

Procedure to update a Google Profile Business profile via Search or Maps. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Bye, bye so the dedicated app for iOS or Android and welcome to the engine and to Maps (which will of course remain accessible on smartphone) for Profile Business updates… All that remains is to know when the final changeover will take place, but Might as well take the lead right away…

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