Google Photos: improvements to find your photos more easily

If you don’t use iCloud Photo Library, chances are you use Google Photos. You will then be delighted to learn that Google will deploy several improvements over the next few weeks. It will become easier to find a particular album in your library thanks to four filters: albums, shared albums, favorites and local folders.

Google will also simplify the import of photos on mobile with several dedicated features. From the Google Photos application, you can import images from another online service, scan your film photos or even transfer your photos from your camera.

Photo sharing is more advanced on Google’s service than on Apple’s: you can automatically share all your photos with a loved one or only those of certain identified people. An update available this week on Android and ” soon “ on iOS will further reinforce this strong point. In the Sharing tab, sections clearly distinguishing couple sharing, other shared albums and chats will appear, which should make it easier to find.

On Android exclusively, the management of screenshots will be improved with a shortcut leading to them from the general photo library if we have decided not to save them as well as the equivalent of iOS 15 Live Text to copy inscribed text in a capture.

Google Photos no longer allows storing an unlimited number of photos for free since last year. The photos are now deducted from the storage space of his Google account, i.e. 15 GB free. To have more space, you have to take out a Google One subscription from €1.99/month for 100 GB.


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