Google reveals compatible models and games tested

Google has formalized the launch of the alpha testing phase of Steam on ChromeOS. Only a few recent and powerful Chromebooks, lucky ones, can install it at the moment.

Steam // Source: Steam

Google had quietly announced during its Game Developers Conference opening keynote that Steam would soon be available for alpha testing on certain Chromebooks. The Mountain View company takes a step further and officially reveals the configurations required to run the application and the games, as well as the references of the eligible models.

Compatible Chromebook models

It was via a message on the ChromeOS development channel that the launch of this first test, as well as a number of technical details, were announced.

Steam will therefore be first in alpha testing phase and available only on the Chrome OS Dev Channel. The names of several models that had been put forward are confirmed, as well as the minimum system requirements: an 11th generation Intel Core i5 processor, an Intel Iris Xe chipset and 50 GB of RAM.

These are seven Chromebook models that are lucky enough to be able to install the alpha version of Steam:

Google states that ” pBecause many games have high performance requirements, we have focused our efforts so far on a set of devices that more games can run well on”.

The list of games tested by Google

What about games? For the moment, about forty have been tested by Google, including classics such as Portal 2, Half Life 2the excellent Stardew Valley and Hadesor Cuphead. There are also many titles that are also available on Nintendo Switch in this list of games tested and approved. Google further clarifies that it is possible to try any video game on Steam, although there is apparently an incompatibility with games requiring DirectX 12.

It is nevertheless specified that some of the titles on the list will only run with a more muscular configuration, in particular The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Skyrim andFallout 4 that require an i7.

An alpha version full of bugs

Google says it and repeats it, this is an alpha, so the very first test phase. It is therefore perfectly normal that nothing goes as planned. Clearly, a number of bugs and crashes are to be expected, announces Google which warns that “everything can break”. The firm also advises against testing this alpha on a Chromebook that we need on a daily basis.

Thus, among the bugs identified, we will cite pell-mell performance, scaling and resolution issues, incompatibilities with 2K and 4K screens, as well as keyboards and controllers, and title installation failures. The stable version of Steam on Chrome OS, so it’s not for now: patience is required.

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