Google has launched a Search Ads 360 integration for Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the company announced Monday.

Why we care. Integrating Search Ads 360 data into AG4 allows advertisers to see sessions, users and conversions in the context of dimensions such as source, campaign, medium and default channel grouping. They will also be able to see cross-channel attribution data in their Model Comparison and Conversion Paths reports.

Contextualizing data can enable better decision-making and more effective campaigns. This integration can also help advertisers save time that might otherwise be spent between GA4 and Search Ads 360.

Data sharing between Analytics and Search Ads 360. Linking your GA4 property to your Search Ads 360 advertiser allows you to:

  • GA4 to export conversions to Search Ads 360.
  • Search Ads 360 to export campaign and cost data to GA4.
  • GA4 app and site engagement metrics to show in Search Ads 360 reports (only for advertisers using the new Search Ads 360 experience).

How to link GA4 and Search Ads 360. Advertisers using the new Search Ads 360 can follow the procedures below to create a GA4 link.

  1. In Analytics, click admin.
  2. In L’ Property use the menu to select the property you want to bind.
  3. Under Product Linksto click Search Ads 360.
  4. In the links table, click Link.
  5. If you have the Admin role for one or more Search Ads 360 admin accounts, in the row for Link to Search Ads 360 admin accounts I manageto click Choose Accounts to select the admin accounts you want to link your ownership to.
  6. To click To confirm.
  7. To click Next.
  8. Configure the following settings:
    Enable personalized advertising: Enabled by default. This setting allows Analytics data to be used to personalize ads.
    Enable campaign attribution: Enabled by default. Enable this setting to import Search Ads 360 campaign data. Note: If you disable this setting, no conversions are attributed to Search Ads 360 and no conversions are exported from Analytics.
    Enable cost data reporting: Enabled by default. Enable this setting to import Search Ads 360 cost data.

Note: Those not using the new Search Ads 360 will still need to follow the steps above, in addition to opening their Search Ads 360 interface and linking their advertiser to their GA4 property to also export the conversions.

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