Google Search Region And Language Settings Keep Resetting Or Not Saving

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Google is an Internet services giant with many products. However, Google Search is the origin of the company and its main product.

Over the years, Google Search has become the most widely used Internet search engine. It has also received improvements that aim to make the search experience easier.

However, lately, some Google Search users have been facing issues with their region and language settings being reset or not being saved.

Whether or not to reset saving Google search region settings

According to several reports, Google search region settings are not saved or reset when some users try to make a change (1, 2).


When affected users change the Google search region settings, the browser shows that the settings have been applied, but the settings revert to the default when opening a new Google search page.

Region settings not SAVED

Ok, I live in Poland, but I’m English, so I want my search results to come from the UK. When I go to search settings and scroll down to change my current region settings to UK, I get a popup saying your preferences have been saved. I click OK and immediately it returns to the current region. THIS IS NOT SAVING. I am logged into my account. I feel like it’s a bug. Could you please help. Thank you.

That said, a product expert confirms that the issue has been escalated to the Google team. However, there are no details on an ETA for a patch yet.

I can reproduce this behavior and have referred the issue to the Google Research team for investigation.

Please also report it directly to Google. Click Settings > Search Settings (bottom right) on the Google Search homepage.

Language settings are also reset

The problem in question also seems to affect the Google search language settings. As in the previous case, these do not register correctly when users try to make an adjustment.


Google keeps resetting language settings

My Google region is set to Bulgaria, but I’ve set all my language settings to English because I want search results to show in English. Yet whenever I search for something it shows up in Bulgarian and I get the little yellow prompt on the right to change the results to English and change my language settings. When I access my language settings, I see that they have been reset.

This issue has also been escalated to the Google team, according to a product expert. But, as in the previous case, there is no ETA for a patch yet.

Hi Kotin,

Thank you for your feedback. We’ve had our product team take a look at it and we’ll get back to you with more information as soon as we have it. Stay tuned!

Sincerely, Aishwarya.

We’ll update this story once new details on the matter emerge in the future.

Update 1 (April 8)

6:11 p.m. (IST): A Google Community Product Expert has confirmed that this issue is now resolved.

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