Google Skips April Fool’s Day 2022, But Is That A Good Thing?

Google declined to participate in April Fool’s Day 2022, marking the third year in a row, but is that really a good thing?

For nearly every year since the search engine’s inception, Google has devised a fun April Fool’s Day gag, starting in 2000 with a (flawed) tool to project mental images onto the screen. Over time, the tradition has grown within the company, with multiple divisions each offering their own April Fool’s Day gags to revel in in different ways.

In 2020, when the world had just entered a pandemic, it was revealed through a leaked internal email that Google would not be pulling any of its usually timed jokes. Last year, a similar email leaked confirming that Google would be skipping April Fool’s Day in 2021.

As April Fool’s Day 2022 gets underway with no sign of google gags, it’s clear the company is once again opting out of the annual Internet Antics Day. As this is the third year in a row without a Google joke/prank, all signs point to Google ending its April Fool’s shenanigans for good.

Of course, that leaves a burning question in our minds: is it really a good thing that Google isn’t taking part in April Fool’s Day?

On the one hand, Google often crafted some of the most elaborate jokes of each year, such as “Pac-Maps” and “Ms. Pac-Maps” and “Ms. Pac-Maps” from 2015 and 2017, which transformed Google Maps locations into a playable game of Pac-Man. The company also used April Fool’s Day to launch real products, with the groundbreaking launch of Gmail in 2005 just minutes before the start of April 1, with many believing Gmail’s 1 gigabyte of free storage was a sure sign of a hoax.

On the other hand, some of Google’s April Fool’s jokes have had major backlash, including 2016’s “Mic Drop” gag in Gmail which allegedly adds a GIF of a Despicable Me minion dropping a microphone to the beginning of an e-mail. One could also argue that April Fool’s jokes are childish and simply a waste of time.

Whichever camp you’re on, we’d love to hear more about your position on April Fool’s Day, and Google’s place in it, in the comments.

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