Google Stadia is for sale…but it’s not what you think

After AT&T, Google now plans to offer Stadia as a white label to more companies. A way for the firm to make its investment profitable.

The Google Stadia controller
The Google Stadia controller // Source: Numerama

The announcement was predictable given the mixed commercial success of Stadia. On the occasion of its Google Summit for Game Developers, the firm announced that it would now have new customers for its cloud gaming offer.

In addition to the marketing of its service in players, in B2C (business to consumer), Stadia can also be sold as a cloud gaming solution to other companies, in B2B (business to business). Called Immersive Stream for Games, this new offer aims, for Google, to make the investments made in recent years profitable.

Concretely, this means that Google Stadia can be used as a white label by other companies wishing to offer a cloud gaming service to their customers. We think in particular of telecom operators, cable channels or entertainment giants. We can thus imagine that Orange will eventually offer a cloud gaming service which is in fact based on the servers, the game catalog and the experience of Google Stadia. This would be Google Stadia, but sold by Orange, under a different brand.

Techcrunch, which reports the information, reports that Google was already working with several companies to white label its Stadia service. This is the case of the American operator AT&T, which uses Stadia to allow its subscribers to play batman arkhamknight. In addition, last October, The Verge reported that Google had strong ambitions in the B2B field in order to offer Stadia to other companies as a white label.

Different formulas offered by Google

During the Google Games Summit, Careen Yapp, Head of Business Development at Google invited potential partners to join Immersive Stream for Games: “There are so many ways we can’t work with you to deliver your experience directly to gamers, from trials and full games to bundled subscription offers and personalized store pages”.

We will know more about this service offered by Google in the coming months, she also announced. A page has also been put online for future partners. Enough to allow Google to know what companies could be looking for in this type of offer. The examples given by Careen Yapp suggest in particular that some developers could take advantage of Stadia’s architecture to allow players to enjoy demos of their future games in preview.

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