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During the Google For Games Summit 2022 keynote, Google confirmed the rumours: Steam is coming to Chromebook. When ? How? ‘Or’ What ? Which ? …are questions that Google hasn’t answered but we imagine “which ones” will be recent Chromebooks with an x86 CPU. By the way, if you have an old PC or Mac lying around and want to give it a second life, try Chrome Flex. I was able to install ChromeOS on a 2011 MacBook without any problem and it makes it a perfect bike for simple things like streaming.

The other announcement is about Stadia and upcoming changes. Google will allow access to the Stadia store to see current games, prices and promotions without having to log in. Demos of Stadia games will also be accessible (if the developer wishes) without having to log in and via a simple link from an ad, a Youtube video, a Google search… Finally, Google will help developers create a version Linux of their games to port it to Stadia.

But above all Google has formalized its B2B solution called Immersive Stream for Games. It allows all publishers/developers to use the Stadia solution as a white label in order to offer their own streaming platform and distribute games in this way. Last October, Google and AT&T launched a pilot program allowing the operator’s subscribers to stream Batman Arkham Knight in their web browser.

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