Google teams up with iFixit to make it easier to repair Pixel smartphones

Google has decided to engage in improving the repairability of its smartphones – or at least the availability of spare parts. The Mountain View company has therefore announced a brand new partnership with the iFixit site, which specializes in the repair of electronic devices.

Google Pixel 6 from the back
Google Pixel 6 back // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

After Samsung’s initiative, as well as that of Valve for its Steam Deck, it’s Google’s turn to trust iFixit. The firm is indeed embarking on a partnership with the repair specialist. The issue of smartphone repairability is taken very seriously by manufacturers: even Apple recently set up a self-service iPhone repair program.

A trend towards more repairability

While in France, the repairability index has been applied for more than a year, we can observe that this desire to offer repairs is increasing among many manufacturers. It illustrates a new commitment to product sustainability — by extension, an eco-responsible approach. Google is also fully embarking on this approach, wishing that 100% of its products be made of recycled materials, with the aim of obtaining “zero waste” certification.

In terms of repairability, for example, the Pixel 6 scores 6.4/10, while the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 5 both score 6.3/10. This is worse than what Samsung was able to offer with a Galaxy S21 at 8.2, but much better, for example, than the iPhone 11 which was around 4.5/10.

Parts available soon on iFixit

Google has therefore decided to trust iFixit, which remains a reference in the field of smartphone dissection. The goal: to facilitate access to original parts, both for professionals and for consumers wishing to get their hands dirty.

From the end of the year, the various spare parts for Pixel smartphones will therefore be available for purchase on the iFixit site. Almost all Pixels are affected: Google announces the availability of parts for the Pixel 2 up to the Pixel 6 Pro, but also for future models, including probably the Pixel 7.

All the constituent parts of a phone will be on offer: battery, screen, photo module, antennas, microphones, etc. Repair kits including the tools needed to dismantle a smartphone will also be sold.

And unlike Samsung, which will only offer this service in the United States for the moment, Pixel parts will be available for sale in European countries where Google smartphones are sold, which therefore includes France.

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