Google wants to acquire the cybersecurity company Mandiant!

During the month of February, everyone was practically convinced that it was Microsoft that would buy the cybersecurity company Mandiant. Unfortunately, the talks with Mandiant did not really lead to an offer, because Microsoft would doubt that all of Mandiant’s activities do not really correspond to its strategy.

This is not really surprising since in recent years, Microsoft has taken the time to acquire start-ups whose specialty was the cybersecurity. To believe Bloomberg News, this giant would have already withdrawn from the discussions. You can believe that Google has already pulled out all the stops to buy Mandiant.

Google definitely wants to take over Mandiant


Recently, Alphabet Inc Google also revealed its intention to buy the cybersecurity company Mandiant. As soon as Google announced its intention, shares of the company offered for sale closed in 16% rise on the Nasdaq. The said company has a market capitalization of almost $4.53 billion.

Mandiant is primarily interested in cybersecurity testing and response to cyber incidents. To secure your data online, use the VPN via the Chrome extension with the offers of this firm. It became a standalone entity again in 2021, when the company that bought it (FireEye) in 2013 sold the product business along with its name for $1.2 billion.

This sale was made to a consortium managed by the private equity firm Symphony Technology. It should be noted that on March 8, 2022, Alphabet Inc Google made official the acquisition of Mandiant for the astronomical sum of 5.4 billion dollars. The company announced that the American company would join Google Cloud. Until this is effective, here are the reasons that prompted Google to set its sights on Mandiant.

The reasons that led Google to take an interest in Mandiant

This acquisition that Google has formalized is the second largest. Remember that in 2012 he bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. This allowed him to have his own cell phone manufacturer. Today, almost everything happens on the internet. Google is in a strategic position in this world since it is the most used search engine today.


It offers many services to companies and has on the one hand responsibility to ensure their safety on all the plans. He himself acknowledges that these firms are constantly threatened by cybercriminals. For example, the Google Cloud earns society almost $19 billion a year and also loses a lot of it because of a certain failure in cybersecurity.

It therefore urges strengthen security so that people and tangible and intangible IT assets each other are well protected. This is why Google scrambled to acquire Mandiant. It is one of the most brilliant cybersecurity groups created in 2004. Its objective is to fight against cyberattacks and at the same time protect its customers against various threats. And, she has managed her role well so far. For example, she once helped to reveal the planetary scandal Solarwinds.

What will Mandiant bring to Alphabet Inc Google?

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By buying Mandiant, Google will be able to benefit from its expertise. This will allow it to improve the offers and services of its cloud division. Indeed, it is now possible for this modern technology giant to strengthen the security capabilities of Google Cloud. As you will have understood, with this new acquisition, the activity of Cloud computing of Google will be well stimulated. It will now be able to provide real information instantly on threats to better ensure the protection of these customers more and more of them are using Google cloud services. In addition, Google will now be able to provide:

  • incident response and expert security advice;
  • incident management products to the most important organizations on this planet.

You will understand, it will be easier to the Mountain View firm to detect and respond to threats more quickly. It must be said that all this was part of Mandiant’s activities. That said, after the acquisition, Mandiant will complement Google Cloud’s existing security strengths.

His services would become virtually unassailable. There will be fewer losses. It will gain more and more users’ trust and its turnover will be able to increase more and more. With this acquisition, Google will further help its customers to address their security challenges. The other thing to point out is that Google can now compete with Microsoft Azure in the field of Cloud Computing.

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