Google wants to avoid duplicate notifications


Gmail: Google wants to avoid duplicate notifications

A new feature that may appeal to email subscribers is on the cards at Google.

Gmail will stop spamming notifications, if you’re fed up. 9to5 Google was able to test a brand new feature on the Mountain View firm’s email platform, allowing you to avoid receiving notifications on PC and mobile at the same time.

If Google has not yet communicated on the availability of this feature, according to our fellow testers, it applies directly when opening the email client. A window then opens to offer to “suspend mobile notifications while you use this device”.

You will then have to authorize your browser to detect whether you are active or absent, following the instructions of Mozilla, Chrome or other. You can of course refuse it, however, once this service is activated, a specific modification will have to be made. In Chrome, you will therefore have to follow this procedure: Settings > Security and privacy > Site settings > Additional permissions.

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