Google wants to certify trusted extensions on its Chrome Web Store

Developers will soon have to show their credentials to gain the trust of Google and Chrome users. The Mountain View giant has just announced to third-party developers of Chrome extensions that it will soon set up a rating system in the form of badges. They will allow users to identify extensions with an established reputation at a glance.

The first badge that Google has come up with will be the “ Featured (probably translated as “ Featured ” in French). It will be applied to extensions that comply with standards and best practices in terms of security, confidentiality, design and user experience. Google has obviously already planned to apply this badge to extensions that meet the required criteria. However, developers will be able to submit their extension themselves to obtain this badge if they think they meet all the prerequisites from April 20, 2022.

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The Mountain View firm would have planned a second badge, “ Established (possibly translated as ” Checked ”), which would be applied automatically for developers with a verified account who have never been pinned for violating Google’s Developer Program rules.

The display of these badges on extensions offered on the Chrome Web Store is intended to improve the trust that users have in the developers of browser extensions. If this classification will certainly have a positive impact for developers, it will above all allow users to have the assurance that they are only using trusted extensions. In recent months, both Google and Microsoft have had to clean up their respective extension stores, with some hackers no longer hesitating to use browser extensions to commit their misdeeds.

Source: XDA-Developers

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