Google will liquidate Google+ once and for all

Yes folks, Google+ still survived as ‘Streams’ for business accounts, although it’s finally saying goodbye in 2023 for good to leave its site to Google Spaces.

It seems that Google is still the undisputed champion when it comes to shutting down services, so the list that began in 2022 with the end of Museletter with only three months of life and the also announced goodbye to Cameos, will undoubtedly continue to grow. ‘lengthen in the coming months, starting with Google+.

Do not be afraid because indeed Google+ was already closed since last year 2019 at least for ordinary users, even if the truth was that the unfortunate social network of the Mountain View giant had only managed to survive for commercial accounts and professionals, converted into the ‘Google Currents’ application within G Suite which allows us to communicate with our work team.

Google sets a date for the closure of Google+: you have 2 months to say goodbye to the social network

Many years later, Google will finally say goodbye to its unfortunate social network Google+.

The thing is, Google recently introduced Spaces so businesses can work collaboratively online, so right now Google Currents has already lost its meaning and will definitely say goodbye, along with all the remnants that remain of Google+, over the course of the next year 2023.

That said, the first note is that there is no definitive date yet, while the second is that this heir to Google+ Currents should not be confused with the also discontinued Currents Android app, which functioned as a reader. magazine and was replaced by Google Play Kiosk in 2013.

Last year, we launched Spaces, a dedicated space for organizing people, topics, and projects in Google Workspace. Since the launch of Spaces, many customers have told us they like the tight integration with Google Workspace products, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Meet, as well as the seamless collaboration experience. With Spaces now available, starting in 2023 we plan to shut down Google Currents and integrate the remaining content and communities into the new Spaces experience.

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As our colleagues from xda-developers told us, the idea of ​​Google Currents was precisely that all members of an organization could publish, share information or speak to each other directly, all of which are now integrated into Spaces. .

In fact, Google Spaces is a continuation of the Rooms experience in Google Chat, giving businesses or work teams the ability to create shared portals to organize tasks, share ideas, events, or any other topic, centralizing all online collaborative work in the same tool. .

Google Spaces Demo

Either way, we’ll surely have more news later, as Google says it’s working to bring all of Currents’ most useful features to Spaces before it shuts down, so it’s likely we’ll be offered previews. of the Spaces experience growing up:

We’ll be delivering new features in Spaces to help you communicate and collaborate more effectively. These include support for broader communities and leadership communications, investments in advanced search, content moderation tools, and more. We also invest in search and discovery, programming and application development capabilities within the platform, and enterprise-grade security, including data protection, data loss prevention ( DLP) and Vault support. .

Google+ may have arrived too soon in an industry that did not yet need these types of collaborative tools for businesses, but it was the embryo of popular services today such as Teams or Slack that will surely testify that, unfortunately, Google will now arrive too late.

The only sure thing is that you will (finally) be able to say goodbye to Google+ and all its heritage, since the final shutdown for the social network according to Google has already been signed for the year 2023…

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