Google will permanently ban call recording

From May 11, it will be permanently prohibited to record calls on Android for an application from the Google Play Store.

Call recording is as old a story as Android itself. This is a fairly popular feature in some regions that allows you to record the audio of a phone call while in conversation with a contact. If the function has never existed on iPhone, Google offered more freedom on Android.

The firm will now tighten its regulations by a change in the conditions of the Google Play Store. From May 11, 2022, it will be strictly forbidden for an application to record audio calls.

As Android Authority points out, this is to prevent app developers from hijacking the Accessibility API to allow this recording.

Manufacturers are not concerned

It must be said that the subject is a real bag of knots for Google. From one country to another, call recording functions may be prohibited and we know that the firm would like to improve its image when it comes to personal data and security. It is therefore quite logical for Google to make this decision from now on.

However, you will have noticed that this is a policy change at the Google Play Store level. In other words, nothing prevents an application accessible on another store from always offering these functions.

By extension, this also means that manufacturers like Xiaomi can continue to integrate this function directly into their interface. Interfaces like MIUI are not subject to Google Play Store regulations.

If the app is the phone’s default audio calling app and it is also preloaded, the accessibility capability is not required to access the incoming audio stream and therefore there will be no no violation of the rules.

Moreover, manufacturers’ applications often have many more rights on the system than common applications.

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