Google will reduce your electricity bill

Android 13 is not just an update for our smartphones and tablets. The operating system of our televisions will also be entitled to an update.

The upcoming update for Android TV // Source: Google

While Android has been adapted to all types of devices over the years, Google continues to focus on smartphones for each system update. With Android 13, we have already been able to discover some new features for smartphones, but what about televisions that run on Google’s OS? They would also be entitled to very specific improvements.

It’s the Esper blog that tells us more about the new features planned for Android TV with Android 13.

A new sleep mode for Android TV

One of the big news, especially right now, should be the arrival of a new sleep mode for Android TV. From now on, this mode will be able to limit the operation of applications and their access to the network to reduce electricity consumption. The system will manage a scheduled alarm from time to time to ensure data updates for certain applications.

This deep sleep feature will be disabled by default on other Android devices, including smartphones. It is hard to imagine a smartphone being completely cut off from the network as soon as it is on standby.

New Picture-In-Picture (PiP) function

The PiP function is a very practical function on all types of devices. It allows a video to stay in the foreground, but only take up a small portion of the screen for you to navigate through the system. Enough to monitor a football match or the progress of the many ads during Top Chef, while you are using another application.

Android TV already includes this function, but Android 13 should extend its uses. According to Esper, developers should now be able to freely choose the format of the thumbnail window.

Google’s operating system for televisions does not seem to be facing a major revolution in its uses, but these two new features could improve everyday life.

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