Google will remove Data Saver from Chrome on Android

Version 100 of Google Chrome on Android will see its mobile data saver disappear. Google has just confirmed the information in a post published on the support pages of its web browser.

This “Lite Mode”, called “simplified mode” in our latitudes, was introduced in 2014 by Google to allow users to limit their mobile data consumption and thus preserve the data envelope of their package. To achieve this, this system, which only has a few weeks left to live, sends the web pages consulted through Google’s servers.

The latter then sends a light version to the users’ smartphones. Theoretically, this function makes it possible to display web pages faster while consuming up to 60% less mobile data.

Also see video:

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen mobile data costs come down in many countries, and we’ve made many improvements to Chrome to further reduce data usage and improve web page loading. » Google justifies in its post, while indicating that it is doing what is necessary for Chrome to offer fast loading web pages on mobile.

Chrome’s Simple Mode on Android will be killed on March 29, the day Google Chrome 100 is released as a stable version.

Sources: Ghacks, Google Chrome Support

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