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Google will launch a tool at the end of April to obtain information about what Internet users are looking for on YouTube. A tool that should allow you to refine your SEO strategies on videos…

The creators of videos on YouTube will certainly appreciate the announcement: Google will, in a few days (end of April), launch a statistical tool to find out what Internet users are looking for on YouTube. The tool will be available in the Creator Studio, then Analytical Data and in a specific tab which should be called “Research” in English.

It will present data based on searches across all of YouTube, as well as those performed on your own videos. A filter will also indicate the searches for which Internet users could not find videos (and therefore the queries that it may be interesting to investigate). Everything will be classified by search volume (high, medium and low). A video on an experimental version of the tool had already been unveiled last November (see below).

The tool is therefore more or less comparable to the keyword planner, widely used in “classic” SEO to find interesting queries on which to position yourself. Access to data on searches carried out on YouTube should therefore provide additional strategic information for all video publishers.

The bad news is that the tool will initially only provide aggregated data for the last 28 days on search terms in English only and only in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and India. Google plans to roll it out to other languages ​​and regions as soon as possible. Again, many other countries, including France, will have to wait… This is becoming a habit on the Mountain View side…

Screenshot of what the future tool will look like. Source: Search Engine Land

Announcement of the availability of the new tool. Source: YouTube

Experimental version of the tool presented last November. Source: YouTube

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