Google YouTube New Job Opportunities In Web3, Crypto And NFT

  • Google and YouTube see Web3 as a new opportunity for parts of their business.
  • Both are looking to fill new positions that require experience working and developing Web3 tools.
  • Web3 enthusiasts want decentralization, but most of the space relies on Web 2.0 giants like Google.

Google and YouTube appear to be the latest big tech players to dabble in web3 areas such as NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Both companies have new job postings for Web3 work, which neither has publicly discussed before.

A blockchain, or distributed ledger, is a digital record of ownership, often of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. While the goal of Web3 enthusiasts is to create a decentralized Internet that is in no way controlled by major tech players, like Google, the technology needed to make this happen is still a long way off. Most Web3 platforms or protocols are hosted by Web 2.0 behemoths, including Google Cloud and Amazon’s AWS, leading some to dub the current movement Web2.5.

YouTube, Google’s video subsidiary, is looking for a product designer and director of product management for Web3 projects, according to two job postings. CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote in her annual public letter that the platform would look at things like NFTs for creators.

For the Director of Product Management position, YouTube is looking for someone with 15 years of professional experience as well as experience in the crypto space. This can include simply “buying, owning, and trading cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and tokens,” the post reads. This candidate will also apparently be the de facto head of YouTube’s nascent Web3 efforts, tasked with creating the roadmap for “YouTube Web3,” while building an entire team to expand the platform’s efforts into the space. .

For the Product Designer role, YouTube is looking for someone with a background in technology design and experience in “creating digital interfaces” who can “lead and design products from the ground up and improve functionality.” The company said it will be part of a growing team driving YouTube creators’ use of digital assets such as NFTs, which are most commonly purchased through cryptocurrency.

“The past year in the world of crypto, non-fungible tokens and even decentralized autonomous organizations has highlighted a previously unimaginable opportunity to grow the connection between creators and their fans,” the company said in the post. .

Google is hiring for a sales engineer in its cloud department for financial services and digital assets, according to a job posting. He is looking for someone with five years of experience with blockchain, digital assets and crypto, and experience in the FinTech space. The engineer would work with the Google Cloud sales team, focus on the needs of existing customers operating a blockchain or distributed ledger, and attract new customers who may be “looking to adopt blockchain technologies.” The person will also oversee the technical aspects of Google Cloud’s capabilities and infrastructure around blockchain, crypto and digital assets.

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