Google’s Highly-Citationed New Label for Best Stories Is Now Live

Google’s new highly cited label for top stories in American English mobile search results is rolling out. Google announced this feature a few weeks ago and told us it would be rolling out soon, and now it is.

What does it look like. Here’s a screenshot I took on my iPhone last night (while in New York) of the tag appearing in this story. I first noticed this from @JoePawl on Twitter. Notice the “highly cited” label in the top left corner of the stories image, you can click on the image to enlarge it.

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Highly quoted label. The highly cited tag will help researchers identify stories that have been frequently cited by other news outlets. Google said this would help improve the original reports it first talked about in 2019 as an area Google wanted to improve. This tag will give researchers confidence that the story is quoted by many other journalists and likely offers unique and valuable information that you can rely on. Google said this helps searchers find the “most useful or relevant information for a news article.” A Google spokesperson told us that this label builds on the research company’s efforts to fact-check the explorer.

How can I get the highly quoted label. Google said this is based on algorithms that check which stories are most cited, primarily through links pointing to that story.

Why we care. A story with a “highly cited tag” will most likely generate a higher click-through rate than a story without the tag. Changes to the Google search interface can have a direct impact on your site traffic, so keep an eye out for the impact of this highly cited tag on your site traffic.

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