Google’s Latest Experiment Is Creating Hot Air or Moving Object Notifications


Google thinks a good way to send home notifications is to make your smart devices materialize and annoy you by blowing, banging, or casting shadows.

What if Google now wanted to summon ghosts to scare you at home? Or, it really wouldn’t be to scare you but to warn you, even if in any case it seems that smart devices with Assistant could very soon use new and strange ways of send us notifications by materializing in the Real World™ with puffs, shadows or the like.

It sounds weird and it really is, but the truth is Google is experimenting with Map Project Office to move forward with the usual sound, vibration or LED notifications, specifying directly on its website that indeed there should be many more ways to send notifications in a more user-friendly way especially with us.

Google traffic lights

One of the curious prototypes of Google Light Signals.

These curious prototypes of the project Small Signals from googlesix in total, each has its own particular way of warning us, all using physical elements such as a device capable of blowinganother who can cast little shadows or even one that has a plastic arm with which to bang on a table.

They are all quite strange but at the same time interesting, because there is one that generates ambient soundsone with a series of bars that can go up and down and another that presents a pimple growing when we receive notifications, and decreases again when we read and delete them.

Not everything is credible because some methods would be annoying, but it seems possible that a future Nest Home could use a pico-projector or even different melodies or smells to identify our most important notifications.

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East could be the future of first sight interaction with a Nest homewho would be able to show us notifications with a pico projector on a wall or type whenever they message us, although I’m sure I don’t know how intrusive or annoying it might be at home.

The most important thing is that Google continues to work with these types of ideas, and they are already telling us that these notifications are even capable of conveying urgencyWell, for example, the button that grows will continue to do so because it will receive more notifications and will do so more pronouncedly when they are urgent.

The same happens with the prototype that generates sounds, because thanks to AI it is able to change the melody based on importance, urgency or pitch of the notification, the same for the blows, which can be more or less intense. This is just the beginning and the limit is set by the imagination.

The worst is that it’s still too early to talk about something like this in a commercial formatbut there are ideas that I consider applicable and interesting, so it was good to bring them to you and show them on Andro4all… Let’s see what they look like for you!

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