Google’s “Switch to Android” app will transfer your iCloud photos to Google Photos

android iconTo attract Android users, Apple developed an Android app a few years ago that facilitates the transfer of data from Android smartphones to iPhone. Realizing this good idea, the Mountain View firm wanted to offer the same thing, but in the opposite direction. The “Switch to Android” application is not yet available on the App Store, but it will be able to do many things like… migrate your photos from iCloud to Google Photos!

iCloud->Google Photos

Today, the majority of Apple users choose to backup their photos and videos directly on iCloudthey use the storage space offered or subscribe to a monthly renewal subscription for Additional GB to store more data.
If you’ve ever taken the iOS to Android route, you’ve probably come across the difficulty it causes to want to transfer all your photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos, it’s hopeless and demotivating so much that it is complicated (especially when the quantity is large).

Fortunately, Google will soon make it easier to move your iCloud content to its dedicated photo storage service. The Mountain View company is still developing its iOS application which consists of accompany Apple users who are planning to start a new adventure on the Android side.

switch to android

In this application which will be called “Switch to Android”, Apple customers can easily migrate all their photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos, the app will bring a full support in data transfer.
This is good news for future owners of Android smartphones who want leave the Apple universe, note that this app will also offer the means to take with you your contacts, messages, applications…

How will it work?

The announcement is beautiful, however the operation will not be as perfect as one imagines.
As the 9to5google media explains, thanks to the latest Android app update Data Transfer Toolwe get more information (via a support page) on the method that Google will use to transfer your photos and videos from iCloud.

The process will consist of entering the username and password of your Apple ID in the “Switch to Android” application (or a third-party tool). Once connected, Google will ask you for the content you want to transfer to your Google Photos.

As soon as the choice is finalized and the process is launched, it will be necessary to wait until… 1 week before you see your photos and videos on Google Photos. The support sheet does not explain why this delay will be so long, but it does prove that the transfer will not be done via a Wi-Fi network, but directly between Apple and Google.

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