Grande Gueules: Etienne Liebig believes that hunters kill dogs

Monday the columnist of the Grandes Gueules, Etienne Liebig, split an abject remark about the hunters.

While the topic of the moment was Eric Zemmour’s exit from a football pitch belonging to Zinedine Zidane over the weekend, the almost anti-everything columnist found a way to draw a parallel between this affair and his hatred hunters.

Etienne Liebig explained that he would not rent his land to hunters if the case arose because they kill dogs according to him. “If I rent my land to people who have fun killing dogs, well that won’t work either; “I wouldn’t rent to hunters because I don’t like hunting, and I would fire them”. he asserted.

If the man chose to take the hunters as an example, it is because a few minutes earlier he had explained in another very awkward example that he understood that one does not rent his football field to neo-Nazis in front of a Alain Marschall and Olivier Truchot circumspect.

A sad time when only clash and vindictiveness attract audiences and where his ideas can no longer be explained, nor supported, but vomited up.

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