Gray whippet becomes London Underground’s therapy dog ​​for its ability to comfort commuters (video)

The atmosphere in the London Underground is not necessarily good. Travelers are depressed about getting to work and experience the general hustle and bustle. But a small canine strives to bring a little joie de vivre among this greyness. He has thus become a real star that users seek to meet at all costs.

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The young gray Whippet takes the subway every day London with his mistress Megane Lane. She immediately noticed that her dog did not understand why everyone around seemed sad and that he wanted, with his means, to remedy this melancholy.

The affectionate doggie therefore gets closer to travelers and brings them comfort. “My faithful companion befriends all the humans he meets”clarified Megane at MyLondon.

The young woman filmed it many times and created a series of videos that she posted on the TikTok social network.

We can see the little canine pacing the aisles of the cars with the aim of obtaining caresses. He balances himself on his hind legs then puts his front ones on the knees of the surprised passengers.


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“Everyone wants to meet him”

“He’s like the therapy dog ​​on the London Underground”has explained Megane on TikTok. The community was immediately won over and is now looking to cross paths with him. Megane is therefore now harassed with messages asking them what their schedules are and which line they take.


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We can therefore read in the comments of the videos: “Give me your schedule please!” I don’t live in London, but I’ll make the journey just to see it in action” or “I become so anxious in the subway that it would be a real pleasure to take advantage of his presence”.

Megane is extremely proud of the altruism shown by her 4-legged friend. She claims he has had the exact same effect on her since she adopted him. He is indeed a being endowed with great sensitivity who knows how to be attentive and benevolent.


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