Two female bankers from two different establishments in Grenoble (Isère) are suspected of insurance fraud. These two friends would have used the identities and bank accounts of foreign students, which they thought were closed after their return to their country, to collect reimbursements for goods declared as stolen, reveals The Dauphine LibereThursday, April 7, 2022.

The facts would have started in 2016 when one of the respondents had managed to obtain reimbursement from his insurance for his handbag which had been stolen from him, thanks to a complaint form, explain our colleagues. A document that she would then have falsified on numerous occasions to collect reimbursements for other goods, not stolen this time.

More than €160,000 misappropriated

After having reoffended several times, she would have shared her method and the form in question with her alleged accomplice. An insurance company nevertheless denounced the facts after having noted several inconsistencies in the declarations of thefts, indicates the newspaper.

The investigation opened in 2019 revealed a total damage of more than €160,000. Arrested in December, they were sent back to the Grenoble criminal court on December 13.

For more information: read the article Dauphine Libere.

Grenoble. Two female bankers allegedly cheated more than €160,000 from insurance with false declarations