Hair, saddles… What if we put an end to taboos around birth once and for all? So yes, hairs often grow at a high rate during the 9 months of pregnancy. in the question? Increased production of hormones. And as Anna Roy, midwife and author of the book It’s My Pregnancy, reminds us, there’s no reason to be ashamed of it!

Is it necessary to get rid of pubic hair before giving birth? This is the question that many women ask themselves before having a baby. Whether for aesthetic reasons or simple modesty, some mothers plan to grow their bikini line before giving birth. So if the pain of hair removal worries you, don’t panic! Anna Roy, midwife states that “the pain of bikini waxing can’t cause labor. You need really bad pain. So I know it hurts and we cry sometimes. But no, it can’t cause labor.”

The specialist would also like to remind that it is absolutely not necessary to grow: “There was a time when midwives and doctors were afraid of hair and we actually shaved on arrival in the room. birth, but that period is over. It is not an issue, we don’t even see them.”

Another taboo associated with childbirth: the risk of not being able to hold back the stool. Also, some women wonder if taking laxatives before giving birth is a (…)

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